I am a qualified Life Coach with a therapeutic style. I  trained and qualified as a Transformation Life Coach with Animas centre for Coaching in 2020.

I worked as a nurse for over thirty five years and use my previous experience within this profession, alongside my coaching skills, to help my clients understand how they can improve whatever it is they are struggling with in their life.

I offer value to anyone who is wanting to make changes in their personal or professional life, or simply balance them better. Please read my testimonials on the last page to see how I have enabled my clients to make invaluable changes in their lives.

My own personal experiences have shown me that life can be challenging with many unexpected twists and turns – sometimes we need a helping hand to navigate these.

I offer you heart-centred Life Coaching that is personal to your needs and challenges.

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Life Coaching is a personal space that is created between you and your coach where you can talk and really be listened to.

My style of coaching offers an empathetic helping hand to anyone who is feeling unsure about what the future means for them.

Through conversation and gentle challenges my clients learn to understand more about themselves and what is important to them. This enables them to set and achieve goals that will make a difference to their lives. This knowledge brings a stronger sense of self and therefore confidence to believe in what is possible for them, making them reach out and grab hold of their life and move it in a direction of positivity and action, in doing so creating a life with harmony and love at the centre.

I like the person I am becoming. I trust myself and have the confidence to walk away now from bad situations rather than accept them and make excuses, stay stuck. Your Coaching has made me happy and strong and proud. People can see a difference …. That’s magic work you do.

Julia – 10/2023

I cannot thank you enough for accompanying me so faithfully on my journey this year. You may say I have done all the hard work - and that ought to be true - but you have been brave enough to turn over those rocks with me and to take a good look underneath them all, and I certainly wasn't able to do that alone. Thank you for making that process feel doable and for just 'getting it' - no matter what stage I was at or state I was in - you were tough enough to hold that and steer me on.

Jayne – 3/2023

When I was introduced to Lisa I was feeling very lost, having been made redundant unexpectedly from a job that I’d had for 30 years. My self-esteem was low and I felt I lacked identity and a purpose in life. At first, I was somewhat cynical and wasn’t sure whether Life Coaching was going to be right for me, or how Lisa could help me. But from our first Zoom session, Lisa put me at ease, made me feel very comfortable and able to talk and open-up about how I was feeling. Lisa listened without judgement, and helped me shift my thinking about things I wouldn’t previously have thought about. I had 6 sessions with Lisa, and working through things with her, such as understanding what my core values are, and what impact the relationships that I’ve had, and have in my life, in terms of friends, work colleagues and loved ones, has made me more confident, and given me more clarity about what’s important in my life. Lisa is such a warm and caring person. She has so much empathy, and even when chatting about some difficult topics, we were able to have a laugh. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lisa to anyone who might find themselves at cross-roads in life at the moment. Thank you, Lisa.

Suzy 1/2023

The past couple of year have been a challenge for pretty much most people but Lisa provided me with the tools and capabilities to manage my feelings and emotions which have been heightened due to so many circumstances beyond my control. Finishing school, going to university and then trying to maximise on the limited opportunities available during covid meant that I was conscious that I needed support and guidance as to how I could manage the concerns and anxieties that I was faced with. Zoom sessions with Lisa provided me with the guidance I needed to reduce my anxieties and build my confidence to address situations which I learnt I could manage through my own responses and expectations.

Claudia Wherry 9/2022

I was going through a period of uncertainty and was recommended coaching with Lisa. I was sceptical as I’d never done anything like this before, but I’m so pleased I decided to do this. I’ve found talking to Lisa has made such a huge difference. Lisa is patient, insightful and easy to talk to. What I’ve learnt has not only brought confidence and clarity to larger decisions, but also to every day situations. Our sessions have helped me to identify and assess my values - to know what makes me tick and what my priorities are. They’ve also helped me make the right decisions for me - challenging why I make certain choices and how to balance the different aspects of my life. I would highly recommend speaking to Lisa, for anyone looking for some clarification and/or guidance.

Holly Davies 7/2022

I started coaching with Lisa during a turbulent time in my life where many areas felt unstable and unbalanced. Over the past 6 months, Lisa has helped me to rebalance, question my values in life and begin to live more coherently. She often gives me homework and things to ponder in between sessions which has been very helpful. You can tell she has worked with people for many years, creating a safe and nurturing environment. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone considering life coaching.

Lucie Spurr 6/2022

It's amazing how certain people come into your life when you need them!
Lisa has helped me in a time of big change in my life. She has challenged me in a kind and gentle way to think about things differently, and to not be afraid to dig a bit deeper within myself. She has guided me to find clarity in situations and discover why I feel the way I do about them, then try to see other perspectives and approach them with a healthier positive mindset. I've had a few 'Ah-ha' moments and it's brilliant how awareness can make you feel lighter. I have found Lisa to be really easy to talk to, she is empathetic and also has a great sense of humour and I am so grateful for her help and knowledge. It's not a quick journey, but she is a wonderful person to help you along the way.

Keeva Arnold – 5/1/22

I think a lot of us get stuck in our life's at some point of time. That happened to me recently and I decided I needed some help as I wasn't able to move forward on my own. My friend recommend Lisa and after just one session with her I started feeling more positive.  We had six coaching sessions now and I can see so many changes in me and my life. I no longer feel scared of making decisions and I'm getting to know myself a little better. She is patient, compassionate and really easy to talk to, I can't recommend her enough.

Dorota Wasik – 4/10/21

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You can also call or send me a message

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The Detail

I offer one free, no obligation, coaching conversation to give my clients a feel of what a Life Coaching session with me is like.

If after this you would like to continue I charge £55 per session. One off maintenance session following a completed programme of Life Coaching is £60.

I ask that payment is agreed and paid upfront before your sessions begin.

Sessions can be virtual or in person and are usually between 60/90 minutes long. Sessions are led by you and guided by me!

Animas who I trained with, describes Life Coaching as a journey of ‘self-exploration which can give us greater self-awareness and examine and reshape many areas of our lives’.


In his book Laurence Dallaglio says; "It's only when you sit down and chat to someone who asks the right questions that you realise, actually I am in 'trouble', I need a proper conversation. That someone was a life coach."
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What would life be like if we had no courage to do anything, no matter what? - Vincent Van Gough
For the month of January 2023 - if you commit to three sessions of Life Coaching the first session is complimentary. Make 2023 better than 2022!
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